Getting to the Right Diagnosis Starts with the Right Doctor

By Best Doctors

There are many barriers to diagnostic accuracy, like time pressures on physicians, availability of specialists and fragmented
care. That’s why it’s crucial for patients to find the doctor who is right for them and their condition. Some of the
characteristics often shared by best physicians are:

  • Board-certified and up-to-date on the latest medical research.
  • Published in prominent medical journals.
  • Affiliated with centers of excellence in the medical world.
  • Recognized by other physicians for their expertise in a specialty.
  • Open to partnering with other physicians to best serve their patients.

Best Doctors has an unparalleled process that enables us to allow only the best minds in medicine to consult on our cases.
We start by asking, “If you or a loved one needed a physician in your specialty, who would you refer them to?” In this
way, we get the doctors other doctors trust most. Physicians are voted on by thousands of other doctors across the country—and
only those who receive enough votes are considered.

As a result, we work with thousands of world-leading physicians representing nearly every specialty and subspecialty and
who are up-to-date on the latest medical advances, allowing our members more than just a fresh set of eyes. With such
a large pool of experts to draw on, each of our members can be matched to an expert who specializes in their specific
condition, and because our services are done entirely over the phone or the internet, we can help any member no matter
where they’re located.

Not only do our members appreciate such an in-depth review of their cases, but our experts also welcome the chance to improve
these members’ lives. Dr. Randolph Evans, the chief of neurology at Park Plaza Hospital and clinical professor at Baylor
College of Medicine, said, “I have been providing Best Doctors evaluations for the past seven years. I have been extremely
impressed by the dedication, hard work and interest of the physicians and nurses in each case with whom I work, who collate
and provide the most complete medical records and summaries possible, so I can provide second opinions for people with
complicated neurological problems from many countries. Employees with this benefit are indeed fortunate to have access
to this service of world-class physicians and nurses at Best Doctors.”

By combining our technological innovations and experienced clinical staff with the top medical talent, Best Doctors is working
to solve these issues in health care, ensuring each member has the right diagnosis and treatment and each organization
can effectively support its population.

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