Teladoc Health continues to closely monitor the COVID-19 outbreak. During this rapidly unfolding situation, our commitment to providing high-quality healthcare has never been more important.

First and foremost, our top priority is delivering the right care for patients around the world. Virtual care is proven to be a highly effective method for evaluating and treating symptoms, while minimizing exposure to potentially contagious viruses.

  • If you think you've been exposed to the coronavirus, it's important to reach out to a healthcare provider like Teladoc. Our doctors will evaluate symptoms and risk factors, offering supportive treatment and advice. Should we identify a suspected case of COVID-19, we will help navigate patients to appropriate local resources.
  • To keep healthcare workers safe while caring for patients with infectious diseases, Teladoc Health and InTouch Health are helping our clients deliver remote care to affected patients.
  • We are actively partnering with health officials around the world including the World Health Organization and the Public Health Agency of Canada. Our global medical team is in daily communication regarding this outbreak, implementing the latest guidance for evaluating and treating patients at potential risk for the virus.

To stay well informed on the current facts about COVID-19, visit the World Health Organization and Public Health Agency of Canada websites.

We're here to help. If your organization is seeking virtual care services and support, please contact us.

Additional Resources

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Webinar: COVID-19 Update, April 7, 2020

In this webinar, Teladoc Health’s medical leadership will discuss the latest updates on the COVID-19 outbreak, protocols in place to identify and report cases, best practices for educating and preparing your population, and the role of virtual care in minimizing exposure to potentially contagious viruses.

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