Around the world, our priority is ensuring that those in need have access to the highest-quality healthcare

Unprecedented demand, delivered at scale

Virtual care has played a central role during the COVID-19 crisis and Teladoc Health has met the rising demand by conducting up to 20,000 visits per day and enabling our hospital clients to deliver virtual care to hundreds of thousands of patients, further reducing exposure for patients and physicians alike.

Expanded physician capacity

Onboarded & activated thousands of board-certified, licensed physicians: The number of doctors taking consults has more than doubled.

More than 7,000 physicians now available to deliver care

Enhanced platform

Streamlined workflows specifically for COVID-19 cases. Activated Coronavirus Response Team trained on the latest protocols for local and national notification, testing and management of suspected cases.

Delivering up to 20,000 visits per day in the U.S.

Optimized member experience

Communication strategy established to set realistic expectations and encourage digital access points.

Self-assessment questionnaire helps members evaluate risk of COVID-19


Evaluation & Response

Our doctors will evaluate symptoms and risk factors, offering supportive treatment and advice. Should we identify a suspected case of COVID-19, we will help navigate patients to appropriate local resources.

Delivering Remote Care

To keep healthcare workers safe while caring for patients with infectious diseases, Teladoc Health and InTouch Health are helping our clients deliver remote care to affected patients.

Supporting our clients & members


The Teladoc Health Engagement Center, member website and app experience provide resources to educate and engage members on the facts of the outbreak and how to navigate the best way to get care.


To help members evaluate personal risk of COVID‐19 and related complications before requesting a virtual care visit, Teladoc Health has launched a self-assessment questionnaire. Members can log in to their account for access.

Testing Availability

When an eligible member presents with COVID‐19 symptoms, Teladoc Health doctors are able to order at‐home diagnostic test kits or direct them to an in-person testing site. Antibody tests may also be ordered.

Additional Resources

Recursos adicionales

Webinar: Virtual Care Plays Key Role in Return to the Workplace

This webinar discusses the key questions employers have as they implement a return-to-worksite strategy that addresses COVID-19, protects the health concerns of employees and builds confidence across the workforce that going back to work is safe.

Webinar: Guidance and Support to Resume Care Deferred by COVID-19

In this webinar, Dr. Heather Towery discusses how to support those who have had to defer care due to COVID-19.

Infographic: COVID-19 Impact on Mental Health

This infographic highlights findings from our latest research study on mental health and identifies how COVID-19 is driving positive mental health conversations around access and care.

Learn more

Seminario web: Actualización sobre el COVID-19, 14 de abril de 2020

Este seminario web, el Dr. Jason Tibbels, Vicepresidente de los Servicios de Salud de Teladoc Health, ofrece una actualización sobre el COVID-19 y el papel creciente de la atención virtual. Examina también nuestra respuesta desde el principio, la importancia de la calidad clínica y lo que nos puede aportar en el futuro para otros servicios de atención virtual.

Seminario web: Conociendo los hechos: una conversación con los médicos de Teladoc Health, 18 de marzo de 2020

Este seminario web analiza el aplanamiento de la curva, el distanciamiento social y las medidas preventivas que los miembros pueden poner en práctica para evitar virus contagiosos como el COVID-19.

Seminario web: Actualización de COVID-19, 12 de marzo de 2020

Este seminario web proporciona una actualización global sobre el brote de COVID-19 y analiza el papel de la telemedicina para mejorar el acceso y la velocidad de la atención.

Seminario web: actualización de Covid-19, 4 de marzo de 2020

En este seminario web, el Dr. Lew Levy y la Dra. Bridget McCabe nos informan sobre la preparación y los protocolos para abordar el COVID-19 con atención médica virtual.

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