Transforming care delivery and advancing
quality outcomes.

Teladoc Health Medical Network

We are a network of staff clinicians, telemedicine physicians, and global experts focused on modernizing the healthcare experience. Marrying technology with our broad and deep medical expertise, Teladoc Health Medical Network acts as a virtual “front door” to help members navigate the healthcare system and personalize their care journey with the right services at the right time. We address a wide spectrum of needs, from acute episodic illnesses to chronic and complex diseases, for people in over 130 countries.

Our intuitive and robust platform, 24/7 support teams, and flexible tools empower you to focus on patient care and drive better outcomes.

Telemedicine Practice

Our practice delivers high-quality care virtually, meeting patients where they can most effectively and conveniently access care. We cover general medicine, pediatrics, dermatology, and behavioral health.

Global Expert Panel

Leading experts in over 450 specialties utilize extensive clinical knowledge and sound medical judgment to advise and support patients on their best care path.

Our Commitment To Quality

At the core, we are a mission-driven team seeking to produce better outcomes for more people while creating standards and raising the bar on quality in the virtual care ecosystem.

Quality of Care and Patient Safety Committee

With decades of expertise in healthcare, our committee oversees quality of care standards and advancement across Teladoc Health.

Medical Advisory Boards

Our global Medical Advisory Boards provide clinical expertise to effectively guide the Teladoc Health Medical Network and represent us to the industry. The boards look to advance virtual care standards and new innovations.

Institute of Patient Safety and Quality in Virtual Care

Certified by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) and recognized by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the Institute is an independent body promoting patient safety and quality in virtual care across the industry through shared learnings.

*Physicians who join our Medical Group in the Telemedicine Practice, or as Staff Clinicians or members of the Global Expert Panel who actually provide care (as opposed to rendering opinions), become affiliated with Teladoc Health’s PA(s)/PC(s), as applicable for any state in which they are licensed to provide care.

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