COVID-19 Impact on Mental Health

Virtual care has moved to center stage during the COVID-19 pandemic and is helping more people than ever to access high-quality care from the comfort of home. This infographic highlights findings from our latest research study on mental health and...


    Case Study

    American Heart Association: How a lifesaving organization keeps its employees healthy

    The American Heart Association (AHA) has been helping improve people’s health for nearly a century. With offices in all 50 states, the flexibility and convenience of virtual care help keep its 3,000 employees mentally and physically fit for a lower cost.


    Adopting secure, scalable virtual care

    Adoption of telehealth services skyrocketed and continues to grow as more individuals communicate with their doctors from home instead of driving to a healthcare facility. But the use of video chat and online conferencing platforms pose risks…


    Meeting the growing demand for mental health caused by the pandemic

    Dr. Gustavo Kinrys discusses the impact of COVID-19 on employees and the steps employers can take to help their employees get the mental health support they need.


    How Orlando Health Expanded Virtual Care from Employees to the B2B Marketplace Amidst COVID-19

    Presented by Jonathan Baker-McBride, who oversees Orlando Health’s virtual care program with a focus on new virtual care delivery models, consumer services, and virtual population health. This webinar highlights the Orlando Health’s employee-focused…


    Return to the worksite tips for Brokers

    As the U.S. moves to the next stages of managing COVID-19, brokers have a unique opportunity to help clients develop responsible return-to-worksite plans while also onboarding more clients and members. Review these tips with your clients for success.


    Virtual care’s role in strengthening organizational resilience

    As employers explore go forward strategies that not only address COVID-19, but also protect the health concerns of employees and build confidence, virtual care is a key component. In this webinar, Dr. Bridget McCabe and Dr. Heather Towery discuss how…

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