COVID-19 Impact on Mental Health

Virtual care has moved to center stage during the COVID-19 pandemic and is helping more people than ever to access high-quality care from the comfort of home. This infographic highlights findings from our latest research study on mental health and...



    Tips for mental wellness during times of uncertainty

    During these challenging times, we can all use help to remain productive. Download our new guide to mental health support at home.

    White Paper

    Mental health and COVID-19: Leveraging virtual care to meet increased demand

    Even before the pandemic, mental health conditions were among the leading causes of illness and disability around the world. This white paper details how virtual access removes barriers to care and provides meaningful results to employees, as well as cost…

    White Paper

    The Promise of Virtual Primary Care

    In recent years, virtual care offerings have grown dramatically in scope and scale—and COVID-19 has only proven to accelerate this trend. In the midst of the pandemic, payers, providers, employers and members are recognizing the benefits (and necessity) of…


    Changing policies: Pre-, during, and post-COVID strategies

    COVID-19 legislative and regulatory changes for telehealth at both the federal and state levels drove rapid expansion and adoption of virtual care services during the pandemic. In this webinar Judd Hollander, Senior Vice President of Healthcare Delivery…


    Reimagining Primary Care Virtually

    In the face of widespread economic hardship during the COVID-19 crisis, consumers and providers are turning to virtual care. This paradigm shift is fertile ground to address longstanding challenges in the declining use of primary care by establishing the…


    Employers turn to virtual care to help employees cope during a pandemic

    Dr. Gustavo Kinrys discuss the impact of COVID-19 on employees and the steps employers can take to help employees get the mental health support they need.

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