mental health

Your path to feeling better

Find lasting peace of mind with support from a therapist who is right for you. All from the privacy of your own home.

Take the first step toward mental well-being

It's all about real conversations and real progress. Our friendly and caring licensed therapists are ready to help you with a broad range of mental health needs. In fact, on average, 90% of people who used our mental health solution say it helped them feel better.*

Get help with:

  • Anxiety, stress or feeling overwhelmed
  • Relationship conflicts
  • Negative thought patterns
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Not feeling like yourself
  • Mood swings
  • Sleep issues or if you can't get out of bed
  • Medication management (psychiatry only)
Why Teladoc Health?
  • See a therapist or psychiatrist of your choice 7 days a week.

  • Get a flexible digital program with mental health content and tools to strengthen your emotional health on your own terms.

  • Get support that's tailored to your unique challenges from leading mental health experts.

  • 76% of patients who experience depression say their symptoms improved after only three therapy visits.**

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Supporting you every step of the way

Just as there's no stigma around seeking care for allergies or a broken bone, mental healthcare is a normal need for millions of Americans. Take your first step toward better mental health today.

See what our patients have to say

Olivia's story

Finding the right therapist
There was just a lot going on in my life. I was at a breaking point, and I needed something to change. She was just so comforting and reassuring. She was exactly what I needed!

Karla's story

Facing trauma
I meet my therapist every couple of weeks. What I like about her is that she gives me homework to do. She's taking me slowly.

Deja's story

Adjusting to change
I feel really connected with my therapist. She really listens. She helps me to just navigate how I've been going through life and just gives me other options, and lets me see things differently.

Kristy's story

Reducing anxiety
When I first started to try it, my first session was absolutely amazing. The lady that I picked was so calming. I feel like we've been friends for years. Such a natural flowing process. I was pleasantly surprised by how well it went.

Joanna's story

Finding the right therapist
She had my background. She was prepared. We jumped right in that first day to working on stuff. I remember that first day having some huge breakthroughs that I didn't have with my previous therapist.

The testimonials, opinions and statements reflect one member's personal experience with Teladoc Health. Results and experiences may vary from person to person and will be unique to each member. The testimonials are voluntarily provided and are not paid.

Still have questions?
  • Thousands of people use our Mental Health service for a variety of reasons, and most people report feeling better after their third visit. You might benefit from our confidential counseling or psychiatry:

    • If you face anxiety or stress of any kind
    • If you have obsessive, intrusive or negative thoughts
    • If you're depressed or struggling to find joy in life
    • If you're struggling to get past traumatic events
    • If you're trying to understand your identity and purpose
    • If you're going through a breakup, divorce or other relationship issue
    • If you simply just need to speak to a trusted expert

    Still unsure if therapy is right for you? Take this 60-second quiz to find out.

  • We offer evidence-based therapy and counseling provided by our licensed therapists, as well as medication evaluation and management by our board-certified psychiatrists. You can schedule appointments 7 days a week at the time most convenient for you and connect with your therapist or psychiatrist by video or phone.

    We have different types of providers to best meet your needs for medications or therapy.

    You may also have access to digital activities, videos and mental health coaching. Create your account to view your available services and pricing.

    Medication management: If you are looking for medication evaluation or help with ongoing medication management, please schedule a visit with a psychiatrist (MD/DO). Psychiatrists are medical doctors who do not provide talk therapy on our platform.

    Our board-certified psychiatrists can prescribe specific medications for anxiety, depression, mood disorder, PTSD and a variety of other mental health diagnoses.

    *Please note that we are unable to prescribe or provide refills for DEA-controlled substances such as stimulants (e.g., Adderall, Concerta), benzodiazepines (e.g., Xanax, Klonopin), pain medications (e.g., OxyContin) and medications used for treating substance use (e.g., Suboxone).

    Therapy: If you are looking for talk therapy and counseling (such as anger management, cognitive behavioral therapy [CBT], dialectical behavioral therapy [DBT], etc.), please schedule a visit with a therapist. We have different types of therapists, such as psychologists [PhD/PsyD], licensed clinical social workers [LCSW], licensed Marriage and family therapists [LMFT] and licensed professional counselors [LPC].

    Please note that therapists do not prescribe any medications.

  • Once you register, you will be able to scroll through a list of providers and their profiles. Each profile will display information about the provider, including gender, language and specialty so that you can be sure you are selecting a clinician who best meets your needs. When you schedule a visit, we will ask you questions about your personal preferences and your needs too.

    1. Use the Teladoc app or go online to schedule your visit
    2. Select "Mental Health," then select a therapist
    3. Pick your preferred dates and times for a visit
    4. Your therapist will confirm the date that works best for you both
  • Visits with therapists for therapy and counseling are scheduled for 45 minutes. First visits with psychiatrists (new evaluations) are scheduled for 45 minutes, and follow-ups for medication management typically last 15 minutes.

    Following your initial visit, your mental health provider will give you their recommendations for your personalized plan of care, including how frequently visits should occur.

*Based on a Teladoc Health survey of over 2,000 consumers

**Teladoc Health data

***Pricing and services vary depending on employer and health plans. Create your account to view your available Teladoc Health benefits.